Welcome to Vergenc

Vergenc offers a range of services that will present your business with unique visual expression:
Virtual and Augmented Reality
We produce world class Interactive and Immersive VR and AR experiences. Including Untethered walk around Multi user social applications.
Application & Hardware Development
We produce applications across multiple devices and platforms including mobile (IOS and Android), tablet, PC and kiosk, as well as gaming machines, slots and casino engagement systems.
Large Area Displays/Screens
We consult, design and animate for large single screen or multi screen displays - indoor and outdoor projects. LED, LCD, Projection applications, and room immersions.
3D Animation
We create highly quality 3D animations for game, television, web and film applications. Specialists in Casino and Club animations.
Game Development
Interactive cross-platform game development for a wide range of clients, including Tablet controlled VR and AR.
Visual Effects
Large scale HD video, Envims, drone footage, outdoor and indoor projection, animations, Film VFX as well as green screen and motion capture.

Project Portfolio

Portfolio of recent projects that Vergenc has worked on


Vergenc works across multiple industries supplying unique and specalised visual and technical solutions:
We provide visualisation tools via AR and VR for full-room and building animations, fly-throughs and content combining cgi, video, and 3rd party content to create customised applications and promotions.
We provide SFX and animation services as well as conceptual advice as well as motion capture and green screen content, video and drone services.
We provide a range of services including design and 3d animation, games, projections, machine clones, mobile applications, video, jackpot links, architectural applications and AR/VR concepts.
We provide modelling and visualisation tools, AR and VR services for engineering and product development purposes as well as marketing applications for product/brand promotions.
We provide full retail applications, including the first VR department store for E-bay globally. We have e-commerce backends, stock and order management systems for terrestrial and VR/AR applications in retail, as well as marketing/game promotions.
We provide gaming applications, AR and VR games, mobile applications and marketing and brand promotions.